Remember the John Mellencamp song lyric:

"I need a lover who won't drive me crazy... someone to love me and then go away"?

(Here it is if you'd like to refresh your memory!)

Your business is sometimes faced with the same dilemma!
You need a talented writer and graphics person to impress your boss or that revenue sustaining client, but the extravagance of maintaining a full time creative staff during slow quarters can sometimes take all of the romance out of the arrangement!

Greg Purcell Wordmeister at Large is an award-winning freelance commercial copywriter with over 30 years of advertising experience.
Your small business or agency can boast cutting-edge copy and graphics without the extensive interview process, bookkeeping problems, and general additional expense of hiring and maintaining a full time writer position.

With a freelance writer, you pay only for the work you need when you need it, very similar to the arrangement you have with your mechanic,or your home repairman. You get a quality product at a price that satisfies even the most budget-conscious accounting department!
If your company has a creative staff, Greg Purcell can step in as a temporary team member, augmenting your overburdened in-house production department with fresh new ideas during busy crunch periods.

Greg Purcell is also an experienced television and radio broadcaster, available as a temporary on-air fill in, host or emcee, or for professional voice-over work.

Email gregpurcell@gregpurcell.comfor a writer who won't drive you crazy!